It was night when he parted.

The police pursued Dan into a decommissioned factory.

Roll up your sleeves.

I confess I'm afraid to go by myself.

I never really liked you.

He also discovered sunspots, the dark areas of the Sun. He saw that the planet Venus has light and dark phases just like the Moon. These discoveries provided empirical information that proved that the Sun is at the center of the Solar System, as Nicholas Copernicus had predicted.


You're only deceiving yourself.

It was his first job.

The statement sounds improbable.


I guess I'm always hoping that you'll end this reign.


He's cooking now.


It's you who should be thanking me.

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He has a pain in his side.

Since she didn't come, I didn't go either.

She wore a beautiful white dress.

We cannot separate the sheep from the goats by appearance.

Emmett didn't notice the bullet holes in the wall.

No visitor can remain in the hospital after 9 p.m.

Joanne knew her.

Ricky asked Pilar about her new boyfriend.

Did you see the cowboy film on TV last night?


I'll say that again so we're both absolutely clear about it.

You have a great alibi.

Trent has had a great life.

In the next election, the Democratic Party is expected to get the better of the Republican Party.

From time to time, he looked outside to see if it was still snowing.

He acted like a madman.

I was told to go home and wait.

She can speak three languages.

I'm going to miss all of you when I move to Boston.

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I don't give a damn what they think.


I have a terrible hangover.

Who's at the switchboard today?

My new Alfa Romeo convertible is light red.

He ate all of the apple.

Herbert is very possessive.


Taking care of the boy is a great drain on her energies.


I'm pretty satisfied.


In case of fire, you should dial 119.

Did you tell him about this?

This is actually true.

My heart is bleeding.

The facts don't correspond with your assumption.

These books are mine.

I haven't had anything to eat for three days other than a stale sandwich, a rotten apple, and some spoiled yogurt.

He tried to put the fragments of a broken vase together.

Naomi voted for Romney.

If it was easy, anybody could do it.

Takeuchi returns Monday.

They died one after another.

What's currently hot?

Please call me back in an hour.

I am seeing my uncle tomorrow.

They seem to have had a good time in Rome.

Death, in whatever form, is repulsive.

You need to blame somebody.

I want a new tennis racket.

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Some think that a belief in Santa Claus is on a par with belief in God.


"What big ears you have!" "All the better to hear you with, my dear." "What big eyes you have!" "All the better to see you with, my dear."


I can't imagine life without Manavendra.


I'd never do that for Barry.

He has studied the possibility of a collaboration.

I didn't think we were going to make it.

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There was no doubt in my mind that Jun knew the answer.

I'm on the football team.

I'm sorry for disturbing you.

After five years in the special forces, I quit.

Is that all it says?

We're grateful.

I wanted to be a bus driver when I was five.


I rode the elevator to the third level.

Your time's almost up.

Would you like to go with us?


I thought you'd want to know.


Please find me my wallet.

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Would you prefer to do nothing?

The secret remained buried in the grave of the famous philosopher.

We need Carlos back.

The athletic meet took place on October 15.

This is the first time I've ever got angry.

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Just call them.

In the room there were four boys, who were playing cards.

My sister has become a good pianist.

My car is in bad shape.

The calculation of the budget for next year is based on the costs this year.

It is five years since the book was made into a movie.

You don't have to do that now, do you?

He laid bare his secret feelings.

"Confessions" by St. Augustine tells us the timeless story of an intellectual quest that ends in orthodoxy.

I must watch a documentary.

She glanced shyly at the young man.

You'll never see it.

Have you found any clues to the problem?

What kind of game are you playing?

What would your girlfriend do if she found out?

Am I being accused of murder?

I thought you said you were an only child.

She advised him to take the medicine.

They stick together like glue.


Don't you read a newspaper?

Mt. Fuji looks spectacular at sunset.

Whenever I go to a Japanese restaurant, I take the disposable chopsticks home with me.

I do not know what to do to get through this month.

Lend me a hand.

As usual, Mike was late for the meeting this afternoon.

That is, like, so cool.

How long ago did Carole move to Boston?

You are singing songs for me.

Though he was guilty of the murder of his wife, he got off easy.

I knew you'd be busy.

I'll look into this issue more.

Oscar is giving you a second chance.

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All things must pass.

I feel like smiling.

We should do away with these old rules.


It takes 165 years for Neptune to orbit around the sun.

You'll see two buildings right opposite the museum, and the restaurant is in the taller of the two.

They're all citizens except for one.


Dan was a registered sex offender.

His house was on fire.

Hector thinks he's going to lose the race.


I've decided to say yes.

It is worth noting that Lander made the necessary modifications.

Lie down and go to sleep.

Jenine chose to wait.

I met him on my way home.

Everything he told us was pure fabrication.

But this is not true.

I live in an old house.

His idleness resulted in the failure, and with reason.


The nurse hit a blood vessel.

This is what I do in my spare time.

Being a prince is not that easy.

The girl reads with her grandfather.

I won a camera in the lottery.

This is the first time I've written anything in Arabic.

Suresh has come a long way.

Sit down. I'll be with you in a moment.

Dana, with whom I am sharing a room, is messy.

The more the better.

You should wish for something else.

Only adults can see this film.

At first, I thought it was a stupid idea, but I eventually realized what a good idea it was.

What are we doing today?

I checked with him to see if his address was right.

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It's a family heirloom.

I know my father will help me.

I hope Narendra sees this.

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I used to be young and ambitious, just like you.

Judge for yourself.

A stranger asked the girl whether her father was at home or at his office.

Are you too tired?

The customer rejected everything that I showed her.

This is fabulous.

I don't think I should borrow more money.

We're getting a divorce.

It's not as simple as it seems.

She filled this vase with water.

I wish I had pictures of Vance and Sridhar.

I went to school with her.

What are you doing here in Boston?

You are in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike.

I forgot who said that.

He must be fined if he breaks the law.

Is it June already?

When the Russians give back Donetsk to the Ukrainians, there won't be a single building left standing.

James scored five runs.

The CD on the table is mine.

Dan doesn't like me either.

"Waiting for Spring" is a novel by Soseki, isn't it?

The old lady walked slowly up the hill.